About Us

Welcome to Inkalily !

Inkalily is a group of hardworking women entrepreneurs , with great enthusiasm and a passion for high quality textile design! Inkalily is a young company offering innovative new concepts to the world of fabrics.

Inkalily is based in Spain, specifically in the province of Valencia, and all our creations are ” 100 % Made in Spain “. We guaranty maximum quality for our fabrics.

Inkalily cares for the details! We always use in the manufacturing of our designs, 100% cotton. We believe it is the basis of a well made product, offering durability for our customers.

For our team, artistic creativity and creative design are very important when producing fabrics so we give a new twist to the use of color and the concept of drawing, both manual and digital, and we take as a reference point of inspiration our childhood fantasy and dreams. This is how we produce designs never seen before, which can be adapted to different types of clothing, either for fashion or home.

We hope you like our fabrics and you enjoy them!